The Organizers and supports

– Institut Palmas in brasilian and in french

– Association SOL

– Association CEDAL – Centre d’Etude du Développement en Amérique Latine

– The Research laboratories LEFI et Triangle of  Lyon 2 University

– CRESS Rhône-Alpes – Chambre Régionale de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire Rhône-Alpes

– The Région Rhône-Alpes


Supported by :

– The Communauté urbaine de Lyon – Grand Lyon

– The Fondation Charles Leopold Mayer pour le Progrès de l’Homme

– The RES Belgium

– The Group Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation


You want to ask a question to the organizers ?

Please send a message to

or use the form below.

One Response to “Organizers”
  1. Dear friends,

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend the great event, for which we wish you much success.

    Would you please mention THE SOCIAL ECONOMY BASEL and its alternative currency BNB in your program – just as you mention other currencies in other countries.
    Here is the link

    The BNB is the only alternative currency in Switzerland (except for time exchange money). And Basel has the only SOCIAL ECONOMY BASEL system and network in all of Switzerland.

    How the SOCIAL ECONOMY BASEL system works is explained in many languages on our web page .

    With many regards and best wishes,
    Prof. Isidor Wallimann, Ph.D.
    President Social Economy Association and Network Cooperative Basel

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