The Practitioners’ Day Program : Building the movement



The objectives of the practitioners’ day :

1/ Free the information : to contribute to the creation of common tools for mutual aid and solidarity, to gather the information in a shared resource centre and to diffuse the work of each one, the actualization of the data and the tools created by each network/experiment.

2/ Building the movement : the CCC practitioners are all, more or less, confronted with the same resistances (collective, lobbyists, orthodoxy, (re)cognition, legality, etc.), and this, on various scales (of territory, of action, of means, etc.).

In addition each one of these various initiatives rests on distinct currency architecture/design because each time it is adapted to the context which brought it to life and thus has defined different goals, different focuses (economic efficiency, conscientization, solidarity/social, sustainable consumption…) ; however the question is not for us to promote a design or another or to choose one specific orientation, but, at this stage of the developments that the CCC networks experiment, it appeared important to us, taking into account the exchanges with the ones and the others,to try to become as one through a system of mutual aid between the various “schools”, in terms of recognition, support and visibility.

The main goal being to make the topic of the community and complementary currencies to be recognized through an alliance between the various initiatives and movements, so that information on the CCC and these initiatives is available for the media, the politics, the citizens, all change agents.

And to allow each one to re-use them, to make them his own, to exchange, to create, to innovate/imagine/test.

It is not about calling for competition the methods/approaches/designs but to build a movement by getting visible all together and mainly by making the information circulate through collective channels while gathering the existing tools, conferring them new visibility and dynamics.

3/ To support the interaction between researchers ans practitioners, because the academic recognition gives the CCC operations credit, in addition to supporting the critical vision of the operating experiments and thus to draw up a moderate panorama of the existing, to carry out a referred, shared highlighting.


To collaborate in diversity :

The debates will begin with a focus on some international and french experiments already operating

12 experiments

Transition Town currencies – United Kingdom

Palmas system – Brazil

CES – South Africa

Regio currencies- Germany

Talent – Austria

Accorderie – Quebec (provided)

Nu-Spaarpas – Netherlands

C3 – Uruguay

RES – Belgium

Three French experiments : LETS, Les Abeilles and SOL Grenoble (provided)


All these experiments will have 10 minutes to answer these 5 questions, in order to open the debates :

– Give an overview (state of the art) of the experiment

– What type of complementary currency did they choose ? When was it launched ? Who helped ?

The public & the territory targeted, the scale they have reached, the impact(s) ?

– The achievement (main ones), the levers, the obstacles they met/are meeting/feel they will meet

– Their needs and future projects (objectives in short, medium and long term)

– The tools they have been using and those they have been reflecting on in order to go further (information/communication, management, etc.)


A discussion around the topics of the workshops will follow, aiming to (re)define/precise the content of each workshop and to plan the afternoon : the idea is not to look further into/to ask for explanations on one experiment or another but to evaluate the sets of themes/questions on which the networks could wish to continue to discuss/exchange/gather.


The location of the conference « Building the Movement »

Communauté Urbaine de Lyon/Grand Lyon

9h-18h – Salle du Conseil / Boarding Room


Hôtel de communauté

20, rue du Lac – 
69399 Lyon Cedex 03

Tel : + 33 4 78 63 40 40

How to get there

Bus : Line 37 et 47, station Part-Dieu Sud

Subway: Station Part-Dieu (line B), Station Garibaldi (line D)

Tramway : T1 – Station Part-Dieu-Servient

(Expect to walk 10 to 15 minutes since the station to the Grand Lyon headquarters, according to the means of transport you choose)

The languages during the conference

The debates will be held in French, English and Spanish for the plenary sessions.

The workshops will be articulated, concerning the languages, according to the technical and logistic possibilities and to the good wills of participants.


A conference for general public “Reinventing currency : international lightings on community and complementary currencies – Argentina, Brazil, France, United Kingdom” will take place on Thursday February 17th, in the Palais de la Mutualité, from 19:00 to 22:00, to ensure a transition between the academic conference and the practitioners’ day. The objective is to let people know more about some international and french CCC experiments, to create the debate around the issues related to the implementation of CCC in some territories or between groups of stakeholders.

The address :

Palais de la Mutualité – Room Edouard Herriot

1, Place Antonin Jutard – 69003 Lyon

Subway : Line D, station Guillotière

Tramway : Line 1, station Guillotière


Be part in another way

If you cannot be part of the P’Day, to share your experiment, ask questions, post your comments/suggestions,

please send us a message to

Or contact us through the form below.



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